Nature and Forest Therapy Guides
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The ANFT European Council

Our Mission

  • To create a supportive network and a community for all European ANFT guides, certified and in-training;
  • To raise awareness of, and participation in, the practice of Forest Therapy in all European countries;
  • To build allies and working partnerships across Europe with like-minded people working in the fields of:
    • Medicine
    • Environmental Protection
    • Social Services
    • Health and Wellness
    • Education
    • Parks and Land Management
    • Tourism

Who is the European Council?
Members of the Council are ANFT-certified guides and trainers from various parts of Europe with backgrounds in a variety of fields including educational programs, cross-cultural communications, health and wellbeing, law and IT. Contact the Council at

European Network & Community of Guides
The European Council facilitates and nurtures the community of ANFT-certified guides across all European countries through:

  • Webinars
  • Community gatherings (via Zoom)
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Provision of a professional PR toolkit for guides to use when communicating the benefits of Forest Therapy to various groups from mental health professionals to corporations, the forestry sector and landowners
  • And more….To find out more about the current projects and possibilities, to receive the PR Toolkit, or to join the mailing list, contact

Kat Novotna, Netherlands

Maren Pressinger - Buchsbaum, Austria

Liz Dawes, United Kingdom

Experience Forest Therapy in Europe
There is an ever-growing number of certified Forest Therapy Guides across our European countries. To find one near you, search the map by province or town at!directory/map Or, contact to get in touch with guides near you.

Guide Trainings in Europe
Forest Therapy Guide training is facilitated online and is organized by time zones, rather than as place-based training courses. Europeans looking to explore becoming an ANFT-certified guide can find the schedule of trainings here:

Allies and working partnerships in Europe
The European Council is looking to connect with groups, institutions and professionals who:

Professionals working in the fields of medicine, environmental protection, social services, health & wellness, education, parks and land management, and tourism across Europe are invited to contact us at