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The professional Member Network Calls are a way to connect and tap into the wisdom and experience of certified Forest Therapy Guide.

2023 we are offering Panel Discussion Calls on different topics, where certified guides will share about their experiences, their highlights and also the challenges they have faced bringing Forest Therapy into their specific fields.

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Guiding Veterans
May 27th, 12:30pm Pacific Time

with Adria Zeldin, Sage Raindancer, and Kate Bast

Adria Zeldin

Adria Zeldin (pronouns: she/her) is a certified forest therapy guide by the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy guides. She received her ANFT certification in April 2021. She leads forest bathing walks in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Florida. She has guided walks virtually(during Covid-19) as well as in person. She currently guides forest bathing walks at Nature Forward (formerly the Audubon Naturalist Society) in Chevy Chase Maryland, Locust Grove with Montgomery Parks, the Hillwood Museum in Washington DC, and Green Cay Nature Preserve in Florida. Adria is a Maryland Master Naturalist and received her Master Naturalist certificate in 2017. Also, Adria has completed the Natural History Field Studies program at Nature Forward and will receive her certificate of completion in 2023. Prior to the pandemic, Adria was a docent at the U.S. Botanic Garden. Adria enjoys birding and exploring nature in the DC metro area as well as in Florida, where she spends winters. Prior to her retirement in 2017, Adria worked as an employment attorney in government and private practice for over 30 years.

Sage Raindancer

Sage Raindancer has been a practicing massage therapist since he graduated from the Baltimore School of Massage in 1998. Since then, he has taught in DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Arizona. He currently practices massage therapy in Washington DC. In 2018 Sage completed training as a nature & forest therapy guide through the ANFT. Since then, he has led and co-led groups and individual walks in DC, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. Sage currently guides walks with the Friends of the National Arboretum (FONA), Friends of Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens (FoKAG), and the non-profit Nature Worx. The walks with FONA and FoKAG are public walks. While the guided walks with Nature Worx focus on working privately with addiction treatment rehabilitation facilities, veterans, and other underserved communities. Sage has co-led and led, respectively, medical students at Georgetown University School of Medicine and the University of Maryland Medical Center. Sage is also a veteran of the Army Reserve. He began his service in 1991 with the 372nd Military Police Co. in Cresaptown, MD He finished his service based out of Fort Meade, MD in 1999.

Kate Bast

Kate Bast trained with ANFT Cohort #31 in autumn 2018 in Danville, Calif. Since then, she has been growing her private practice in Madison, Wisc., providing walks, talks and retreats to any and all who have interest in Shinrin-Yoku, including Veterans, individuals, schools, organizations and businesses, as well as local, national and international health-related organizations primarily on the topic "Nature Heals: Science Tells Us Why." She is deeply grateful and joyful to guide others to "find the calm, a balm, meaning and connection -- with Nature." She lives in Madison with her husband, her two teens and their one-eyed Labradoodle. Say hello via