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Our renowned and widely proven training in Forest Therapy

A brilliant combination of remote training and in-person experience

6-month remote training

The first part of this training will be covered on live calls with your trainers and fellow students over the course of 6 months. As part of this program you will also be spending a lot of time exploring this practice through nature connection activities outside. To view the available trainings click HERE

4-day in-person immersion

The second part of the training is a 4-day in-person immersion. During this time, you will have the opportunity to be guided on forest therapy walks by your trainers as you work towards deepening into the practice. You can choose from a variety of immersions all over the world. More immersions are being added all the time. To view the current available immersions click HERE

2022 Forest Therapy Guide Trainings

IMPORTANT: Before you send out your application, please make sure that the
schedule for the calls works for you and your time zone. Check the detailed Schedule for every cohort in the detailed description or Compare the different schedules HERE
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6-month Training Application Form

What you will get from your training

14 modules, over
120 lessons
Over 14 live calls presentations from your trainers and cohort
Small group discussion calls
with trainers and students
Downloadable manual
30+ short videos on different topics
40+ assignments/ self exploration activities
20+ nature connection activities
Access to research papers and studies
Fun Facts and Reflections
Remote Forest Therapy walks guided by trainers
Guide your own walks and debrief them
Access to the largest forest therapy guide's community worldwide

Forest Therapy Guide Training

A one-day experiential exploration of forest therapy
Space is limited to 18 persons per training. Apply early to hold a place.
Forest Therapy Guide Info
What some of our students are saying

"The ANFT curriculum is very well thought out and comes from a strong lineage of wisdom. The online mode of training moves at a seamless pace and allows time to digest and integrate the material presented. The majority of the learning occurs outside, in the student's own watershed. While the practice incorporates the best aspects of Shinrin Yoku, it goes beyond it in a way that touches the human soul, and facilitates personal discovery and an authentic relationship with who we are as nature, which is so needed for the healing of our planet." —Brandee

"It's a great combination of reading, videos, assignments, Zoom meetings and walks. I also really appreciate the group/chorort that is formed as it feels very supportive to be able to share with others who in the same stage of learning. Having 3 different instructors, each bringing their own experiences, perspectives and thoughts to the training is also really valuable." —Jacquie

"I don’t know that there are words to articulate the feelingsI have about this course. Would I recommend it? Hell YES! To anyone, anywhere,anytime! whether you plan on guiding walks or just to deepen your ownrelationship to nature. It has been unbelievable! I have had a deep spiritualpractice for over 15 years and yet the guidance and practices in this coursehave opened up a whole new world for me. I can’t sing the praises enough forthe course, the way it’s presented, and the trainers themselves. It’s aboutexperiencing the material as opposed to memorizing and regurgitating theinformation. Truly transformational! Thank you ANFT!" —Jammie

"This course has opened my heart to the more than human world and increased my sense of belonging here and now. I have fallen in love with Earth—more than appreciating it, I love it as kin." —Michelle

Recent Trainings, Immersions and Events

Guide Training Immersion 4 days
Canada, BC - Loon Lake Lodge
May 8, 2022
Loon Lake - British Columbia
2022 Hybrid Forest Therapy Guide Training
April 27, 2022
Guide Training Immersion 4 days
USA, California - Manzanita Village II
April 18, 2022
Manzanita Village II
Guide Training Immersion 4 days
USA, California - Manzanita Village
April 10, 2022
Manzanita Village
2022 Hybrid Forest Therapy Guide Training
Swallow-Tailed Kite
April 2, 2022
Guide Training Immersion 4 days
Chile, Pucón - Gaia Sur - EN ESPAÑOL
March 31, 2022
Gaia Sur
2022 Hybrid Forest Therapy Guide Training
Welcome Swallow
March 21, 2022
Guide Training Immersion 4 days
Costa Rica, Playa Los Vivos - Forest and Beach, the Perfect Combination
February 26, 2022
Playa Los Vivos
2022 Hybrid Forest Therapy Guide Training
Yarrow - For Healthcare Professionals Only
February 2, 2022
2022 Hybrid Forest Therapy Guide Training
January 26, 2022
2022 Hybrid Forest Therapy Guide Training
January 22, 2022
2022 Hybrid Forest Therapy Guide Training
Blue Spruce
January 7, 2022
Guide Training Immersion 4 days
Costa Rica, Monteverde - El corazón del bosque nuboso EN ESPAÑOL
November 26, 2021
Finca Camino Nuevo Español
2021 Hybrid Forest Therapy Guide Training
Wild Tulip
November 20, 2021
2021 Hybrid Forest Therapy Guide Training
November 7, 2021