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Professional Guide Network FAQ

Beginning Juneof 2020 ANFT updated what had been our membership site. This action was takenfor several reasons: 1. The software that was being used had becomeobsolete; 2. We decided to simplify the membership levels (there is only onelevel of membership now); 3. We wanted to use a platform that is easier tomaintain; and 4. We eventually realized that we could use, theplatform used in our training programs, for the membership resource portal.

In addition, we realized that using the term"member" seemed to contribute to misunderstandings. Therefore we haveorganized the new platform as a "Professional Guide Network."
The current Guide Network platform allows guidesto create and update their profiles at any time, and provides a much moreattractive display of the guide's information. Guides who are members can optto be listed on both a map and in a gallery.

As we evolved our membership platform we alsoswitched to a new organizational URL, The new member map anddirectory are hosted at

How to switch from the old to new member system

Sign up at

Why are there multiple payment options?

The base subscription fee is $5 per month. You can pay more if you would like to give more support to ANFT membership program. However, there is no difference in the benefits received, regardless of how much you pay. Think of it as a sliding fee scale starting at $5, with several other options offered.

I already paid for a full year, and there are several months left before I should have to pay again.

We have offered, via email, all previous members a coupon code that can be used when registering for the new membership program. This coupon code will give you six months free before your monthly charges begin.

By the way, you can withdraw from the membership program at any time, so if you qualify for the coupon code you can use it to test drive the professional guide network and see if you agree that it is worth your membership contribution.

The coupon code was emailed to all qualifying members. If you believe you are qualifying member and have not received the coupon code please use the form at the bottom of this page to request it.

Note: this offer expires as of July 31 2021.

How do I make my profile show up on the map and in the directory?

When you log in to the Professional Guide Network there is a main menu on the left. Look for the heading "Set up your member profile and get on the map." Expand that section then follow the step-by-step instructions.

When you submit your profile information you will receive an email with a URL that is a link you can use to update your profile at any time. Please save this URL.

My map pin is not where I want it to be.

The location of the map pin is generated by an algorithm over which ANFT has no control. The best thing to try is to go back into your profile and change the address you entered. It's important to format your address so it matches your location's postal format. FYI: zoom in closely to achieve the best accuracy.

I have more questions. Who do I ask?

Please use the form below to submit questions and/or suggestions regarding the professional guide network.